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Friday, December 10


I know the RR quote is kind of strange - but it made me think, as I looked at this photo, of how many folks (me being one of them - just a few years ago) haven't the foggiest idea of there being such an awesome variety of birds. Every single one has a uniqueness about it - singular in it's own way. Brightening up the world - in it's own special way ...

Just like people!


Dorothy said...

That IS a strange quote for RR (one of my favorite presidents)!
If I see a million birds or butterflies or sunsets, I want to photograph each and every one. My computer was getting overloaded with their pictures and it was so hard to choose any to delete!!

Karin said...

Our oldest daughter, a teen at the time, was eager to get home from our vacation. We were in the Rockies and stopping at every mountain lookout. We still tease her about the fact that she said, "You've seen one mountain, you've seen them all!" Too funny and the attitude of an apathetic typical teen!

What an awesome Creator we serve - and we still don't know the half of it - much less I'm sure!

Stacey Dawn said...

Fabulously true...

Ruth said...

I agree.We need to slow down long enough to really see the beauty of the plants and wildlife around us.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well---I'm still not very smart when it comes to recognizing all of the many varieties of trees, Valerie. I have over 50 big shade trees in our yard... I know some of them by name--but not all.... Guess I need to get a book and start learning more of their names.

And I'm sure that each tree has its own different gifts..... The birds love them!!!!! That's for sure. Great picture.

Great post.

Dan said...

If you see the Bluebird often, you are lucky. Many of us get excited when actually encounter the NYS state bird.