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Monday, December 6


Too often, I find myself thinking of winter here in the Northeast as colorless - and often it is very black and white. But if I take a really good look - even on the bleakest days - there is color that abounds.

No it isn't the bright pinks and yellows of summertime, that I love so much, but colors a bit more muted. In the photo above I could look at the snow and the sky and be bummed - but then the branches of the willow trees - stand out at me saying, "wait you forgot about me."

If we are always looking at the hard spots - we forget to find the way out . . .

I love Oswald Chambers quote above - we need to keep our eyes on HIM!
Keep trusting ... have faith ... and above all honor the King!
Thanks for all the encouragement yesterday. I appreciate all of you!


Dorothy said...

It's all about Jesus! We went to our chruches Christmas Cantata and it has me all pumped up for a very special and worshipful Christmas. I hope to keep focused on Jesus throughout the year. Yes, there is color everywhere, we just have to look for it.
Happy new week!

Ruth Hiebert said...

I say Thanks for the encouragement today.This is a beautiful scene and a great quote.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Yes---we need to keep our eyes on HIM...... Love that hymn, "Open My Eyes that I may See".... Know that one????? It's gorgeous.

Karin said...

That shade of rust is gorgeous against the white! The muted blues in the sky are gorgeous too. Years ago I took a picture of our little girl on her sleigh. It was a color film, but for some reason everything on the picture looked black and white. The only splash of color, red, was our little girl in her red snowsuit. Totally cool! Can't find the picture though.

Dawning Inspiration said...

Oh that's so nice with the Willow yellow there...