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Saturday, December 25


Merry Christmas!


Dorothy said...

We should all have a great day just holding on to the reality that the Lord has come to earth to show us the way and provide for our salvation! Joy to the world, indeed! Merry Christmas, Valerie!

Karin said...

With the shepherds I want to spread these tidings of great joy!

Peggy said...

Blessings Valerie... Love this PINE shot, scripture and quote of this Isaac Watts song! Now this one makes me homesick for my pines...in MN!

Yet I will still sing JOY to the World!

I know I'm a little late but I read on one of your pages or blogs that you found a meme/carnival on collages and so you began putting your gorgeous photos together in a collage on a page... all this to ask if you are aware of WORD FILLED WEDNESDAY? They don't accept quotes but you also have God's Word so I wonder... but I know I would be so blessed to see yours shared or linked on Weds. at the Internet Cafe ...

I was thinking about emailing you after I check it out... but I also would like to know if you are planning to continue your 2010 project of 365 into 2011? Otherwise I will keep going backwards to view more... each day. I believe my comment is connected to me email so feel free to email me.

Now I'm listening to a playlist of Michael Card because of what you wrote "If Christmas means anything... it must mean everything" Thank you Valerie! I too love Michael Card and miss listening to him on a radio program that he did and I found right before it stopped. I hope that you are enJOYing more of your CHRISTmas
albums and continue to be inspired and inspire us!

Peace... may the Son of God fill you with His Presence...