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Thursday, November 18


A friend of mine has a 19 year old son serving on the front lines as a medic in Afghanistan. In a recent conversation she told me that he said it is freezing cold where they are, and many of the guys have lost their winter coats. At times they can't feel their feet.

I know it is just a small thing - but have you ever heard of "A Cup of Joe for a Joe?" I posted a link over at Composition-Life sharing how you can buy a cup of coffee for a soldier over in Iraq or Afghanistan. Pop on over and see if it is something you might be able to do.
Here is the link: COMPOSITION-LIFE


Dorothy said...

Wonderful and beautiful post today!

Ruth said...

I LOVE this picture.Those sunbeams seem to be carrying God's love down to me.

Anita Johnson said...

This photo is stunning...and I will head over to check out the link too! Thanks for letting us know the need!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful post.... Love the photo and the scripture...

Sharing a cup of coffee for a soldier is a great idea also.